Total Commander


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The first thing that catches your eye - the window, divided into two parts. In each of these parts can do the transfer and copying files and folders, and move them. The presence of such a separation simplifies the process of working with files, because they do not need to move from one place to another. Total Commander also does not load the processor during operation. In addition to the two parts of which are available in the program, and there are also a few buttons and panels for the job. It is these parts, and provide the basic functionality of the program, which may be using a few buttons to organize a complex directory tree. In addition, this manager also allows you to view so-called hidden files that are normally not visible to the manager. The conductor, as a rule, does not allow the user to view hidden files. This is one of the major advantages, because only this feature allows you to sometimes free up space on your PC or to transfer the necessary document because of the virus has appeared in another form. Other advantages of the Total Commander look no less brilliant:

  • There is a built-in data logger that can unzip and view it within the program
  • You can transfer files of any size - simply cut the program and re-gather in parts
  • Ability to work with the network via FTP - a rare opportunity for such a program
  • If you think you can with a standard guide to create miracles, while working with files and folders, then you are much mistaken, because there are other programs that can do much more than Explorer, but they are in performance it is almost inferior. Program benefits are huge, so you can download Total Commander even if you already have a third-party file manager. At least you will see what the TC than any other program to work with files. This means that Total Commander - a really good program that is suitable for use with any amount of information and on any computer because it does not take up much space, and also can work secretly, without taking up large amounts of RAM. So if you want Total Commander, then do it as soon as possible so that you can quickly enjoy the work of this program. So you can really do everything you want ot do with your files and even more, using such a great program as Total Commander.